Prayer: Thank you Holy Spirit for Your word and leading, lead me today

There are things in life, certain truths that we have to accept and embrace to move on in life. One of those things are, for instance, forgiveness, forgiveness is for my benefit and not the perpetrator. Also responsibility, it’s a juggling act but I must learn to grow into it. Another one of those truths is that learning is a life long journey, so I must be committed to it like being committed to a marriage. But the newest acceptance is that, faith, my faith has to be renewed daily. It’s often thought, a scripture a day is sufficient, or an hour long prayer is sufficient for that week, or that specific situation, but consistency is key, as reflected upon in a previous blog post. And so as the Holy Spirit has caused me to reflect on what I’ve been learning so far and even in previous months (reading through my diary) my faith has definitely been renewed for today.

This truth I also know, Jesus,  I can trust you with my whole heart, I embrace Your leading and I am confident in You, for I am Your spoken Word and shall not come back to You void. You have spoken to me concerning my future, and I stand in belief and expectancy my faithful Lord.

What has God been saying to you over the last few months, look back today and renew your faith and expectations, what you may have forgotten in prayer, God never forgets.

Have a blessed day!

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